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triumph of the wills pt 2

david s wills is the author of Scientologist! William S. Burroughs and the 'Weird Cult' and the editor of Beatdom.
he currently lives in cambodia, where he runs an irish pub.

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new site

so recently i reactivated my domain with a view to switching permanently over to this tumblr site. although i liked the old domain name, the site was slow and boring, and i couldn’t afford the $90/yr anyway. 

unfortunately, i have no idea to to reacquire my old domain, or to point it at tumblr. my hosting company offered to sell it back to me at a borderline reasonable price, but i don’t really know how to connect it with this. there is a tumblr guide that says i need to point at an “A-record” but i have no idea how to do that. 

in the meantime, expect periodic changes while i debug this new-look tumblr - which was meant to be essentially a hybridization of my two previous sites. right now it only looks good when you open the menu. otherwise the text is skewed. 

i realize this was posted 4 yrs ago… and that it’s totally been doing the rounds on facebook this past week… but it really is too funny not to share. is dead; long live

the title say it all.

my old website expired and i cannot afford $90 to renew it.

it doesn’t matter. people didn’t visit it much.

it used to be tremendously popular. thousands of visitors per day would come to read what i ended up deleting because it was crap writing. 

that was when i called myself a “travel writer”.


anyway, for the time being i will be using this tumblr as my homepage. maybe one day i’ll get the domain name back and forward it to here.

for those of you seeing this in your feed, try hitting my picture on the left, and you’ll see that i’ve overhauled the site. it’s a bit fugly, you see, but it’s getting there. 

a blog tour

i have agreed to participate in an interesting online event called a “blog tour”. 

basically, this is where writers answer a set of four questions, then “tag” (by linking to the blogs of another three writers) some others. after a week they should answer the same questions and “tag” someone else. 

there has, however, been a hold-up with the event and as such i’m not sure when my post will go live. i’m waiting for the go-ahead from the man who tagged me, the novelist don mitchell

however, i will tell you the names of my authors below, so that you can check out their websites in advance. they are: 

marc olmsted

philip willey

tony r rodriguez

they are wonderful, talented writers who i’m sure will help make this blog tour thing more interesting. 


this morning, my friend was asking me about editing. he’s a numbers a guy. a computer programmer, in fact. he often observes that he’s shit with words and that i’m shit with numbers. 

recently i’ve been editing a book for someone, and it’s not a terribly good book. i was trying to explain to my friend what the challenge was, and why this job was wearing me down. 

"imagine someone asked you to check their code for bugs," i told him. "but they’re pretty messy at coding, so there’s lots of bugs."

he nods. he’s following me.

"now imagine that the computer is crudded up with viruses and bloatware and that sort of thing. and then someone took a shit on the keyboard and smeared it on the screen. then, after that, they threw it out a window and it landed in a dumpster filled - for some odd reason - with barbed wire.

"so it’s basically your job to check that code for bugs, and to do so in a  professional manner. i don’t know about programmers, but writers don’t like having their mistakes pointed out, so you have to be pretty delicate. you can’t say, for example, that there’s a virus on there. you can’t ask why the smeared the screen with shit, or why you lost two pints of blood trying to extricate the computer from a pile of barbed wire. 

"after all, why would there be any barbed wire there in the first place?" 

alas, people tend to go into computer after studying computing and practicing computer and developing some competence in computer. the same is not true of writing, normally. the vast majority of it is as the above image - ridiculous, absurd, and smeared with shit. 

(i shall just point out here, for obvious reasons, that the book to which i’m referring will not be published by my company, Beatdom Books, but is rather a bit of freelance work.)

google has put my adsense payments on hold.

the reason: bc my old address was out of date.

you can’t remove a hold from your adsense account unless you “follow the instructions”.

they send you an e-mail to tell you this, but you can’t reply. 

you can’t e-mail them anywhere now. 

is anyone there? 

they tell you to check your “alerts” but there are none.

they direct you to pages that don’t exist. 

in the end, they ask you to gather around and comfort each other in the support forums, and hopefully figure it out. 

they seem to forget that they owe me money.

they seem to forget that while they’re not paying me, i’ve made them money.

goddamn it, google.

goddamn it.

return to china

at either the end of august or the beginning of september, i will go back to china. yesterday i signed a contract to teach literature in fujian province, which is opposite (*cough cough*the province of *cough cough*) taiwan. 

it is my attempt at rebuilding my life, or restarting, or whatever. 

a few days ago, on 1st april, i celebrated the 6th anniversary of my arrival in asia. i usually joke about it (arriving in korea on april fool’s day) and reflect upon how it was the greatest moment in my life, because ultimately it brought me to my wife.

now i am in cambodia and my wife has left me, i am left with the quite startling realization that i have wasted six yrs of my life. 

so usually the beginning of april is a happy time for me. this year it is rather the opposite.

but, so i don’t end up shooting myself in the face for being stupid enough to fall for another human being - we are an evil species; we should all live alone same as we die alone - i look to the future. 

china was my favorite country. i wasted my time there, for various reasons, but i shall return and attempt to enjoy it. 

i may have wasted my time in asia thus far, and wasted my youth, but i will have the last laugh. the best revenge, they say, is living well. and i intend to be happy. 

no more trying to make other people happy. 

"work alone is what I was born for, and work alone will justify the life I’ve led"

-john clellon holmes

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